Ottawa Marathon 2013

This year will be the fifth consecutive year that I have run the Ottawa Marathon. Overall it will be my eighth marathon. In order to get ready for the marathon my training will be based on the same plan I have used for my previous four marathons. Since it is a 16 week program that means my training for this year’s Ottawa Marathon started today.

Last year I managed to finish the marathon in 3:17. My goal for this year is once again is to aim for 3:10, my Boston qualifying time. It will take a lot of work to get the but I am hoping my training will allow me to build on last year’s results.

Over the next 16 weeks my training will see me cover approximately 1179 km, 733 miles. Along the way I will also run a 30 km race and a half-marathon in order to help prepare me for race day. Tonight’s effort to get started was an 8.7 km effort at tempo pace.

As I did while I trained for previous use marathons I plan to now start using my Friday post as a review of my week as I count down the week’s until race day.


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  1. Here’s to a healthy, strong and successful lead-up for us all! *cheers*

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