January Update

With my 16 week training plan for the Ottawa Marathon scheduled to start next week I am starting to feel ready to get going again. No doubt a lot of that has to do with the fact that I ran a half-marathon last Sunday and I am coming off my biggest week in terms of mileage in several weeks with 61 km last week.

Overall this month I am looking at finishing with about 215-220 km for the month. For me this represents a good start to the year as I look to start building my mileage again following slower months in November and December. I’ve already run more mileage than I did in January of last year.

Looking ahead I have one more week of running without a set plan to follow. Next week I will start following the same 16 week training program that I used for my last few marathons. I’ve already put my training schedule into the calendar on my iPad so that I have a reminder each day and can plan ahead.

For the rest of the week my goals are simply to fit in five more runs and make it to the dome for intervals on Thursday.

Has your start to 2013 gone as planned or hoped? 

6 thoughts on “January Update”

  1. 200+ for the month!? That’s nuts. And you have a, what, 2 month old now? Are you sleeping? 😀
    I swear, my 3 YEAR old doesn’t sleep thru most nights… way to go Patrick.

    My January total will likely be around 150. I took a week off around the 15th, I slipped on my hardwood floor and fell on my knee. Wanted to give it lots of time to rest.

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    1. So far the sleep situation has not been bad. My wife deals with the baby and I get up with the 3 year-old so they can sleep in. I’m fortunate that I can run 8-10 home from work and it generally does not take me much more time than taking the riding the bus would. Weekend runs are tougher and will get even tougher when I look to get in 20+ km runs. I will see how that goes soon enough. It is going to mean getting back to early morning running before my 3 year-old gets up.

      150 km is a good start to the year. Hope your knee is better soon.

  2. Knee is all better now. Been out for 3 runs I think since. No issues. New problem now is that our boy (3yr old) has been sick… never ends huh.

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    1. Good to hear your knee is better. I hear you about the sick child. We had a run of that in our house recently as well.

  3. hey Patrick, any chance you would want to share your 16 wk training plan? I’ve got mine ready, but I’m starting to worry its not enough. Like I won’t be doing enough km’s per week. It sounds like you’ll be running non-stop from now til the end of May.

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    1. I use the advanced plan in the back of Bart Yasso’s book. I make some adjustments here and there but for the most part it is what I follow. It has me running 5 days per week. I can’t seem to find an online version. I can go through the book when I get home and email you details.

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