Race Report: Indoor Half-Marathon


As previously mentioned, today ended up bring my first race of the year. It was a new experience for me since the race was run otithe indoor track where I do my weekly speed intervals over the winter. Having never done more than 8-10 km while doing intervals at the track I wasn’t sure how this one would go.

The race offered a 10 km, half-marathon and a marathon. Surprisingly, the marathon had the most participants. The half-marathon consisted of 52 3/4 laps of the 400 m track. My strategy was to aim for a 1:35-1:45 finish.

The half-marathon group was small, about 7-8 runners. Since I quickly lost track of the number of laps I had completed it was convenient that the organizers had a screen set up to show the numbers of laps when we crossed the mat.

I managed to keep a steady pace and by the time I got down to 10 laps remaining I had enough left in the tank to pick up the pace and push harder to the finish. I am not sure what my exact splits were because the results have not yet been posted but I finished in 1:42 which was good enough for second out of the half-marathon group.

It was a fun experience that I would do again although I am not sure I would be up for moving up tot the marathon distance on the track.


4 thoughts on “Race Report: Indoor Half-Marathon”

  1. way to go Patrick! that’s awesome. how was the changing directions every 30 mins? was that complicated or simply a non-event? when I read that part I was confused. also, did they allow ipods/music?

    but you are right, I can’t imagine running a marathon around a track.

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    1. Thanks James. Changing directions every 30 minutes really wasn’t that difficult. There was enough space between runners for it to work. Had there been more people on the track it would have been an issue. I don’t think it slowed me down at all. According to the website ipods were not allowed. They were supposed to have a dj setup but I think they ran into some technical difficulties. Pretty sure I saw a couple of people with headphones.

  2. Nice report… I’m Steve Moisan the race director of this series (www.indoor-marathons.com). The sound system did not work… Usually we have a lot of animation and it is more animated. We will try next year to have the entire dome (not only the track). Visit our web site for details. And don’t forget: you can see each of you laps is wanted.

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    1. Well done on putting the race together. Hope you guys are back here again next year. I enjoyed it and would do it again next year.

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