Closing Out 2012

There are only six days left in 2012 now. The arrival of a new daughter a month ago and the holiday season has made it more difficult to maintain my usual running schedule. Fortunately I have been able to maintain a relatively regular routine.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in a Christmas Day run today but a few more runs in what remains of 2012 will push my monthly mileage to just over 200 km which I feel is a decent total given the arrival of my second daughter last month and the fact that I did not have any races planned following October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

So far I have managed to fit in 156 km this month. With six days to go in the month I should easily be able to fit in the 44 km needed to get me to 200 km for December and close out 2012.

With that I think I have my last goal for the year, 200 km in December. Once this month is out of the way I can start focusing on my plans for 2013. I have already started thinking of plans for 2013 and will have a post dedicated to that in the next week.

How do you plan to close out 2012?

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