Running at Night

The majority of my running is done early in the morning while my family is sleeping or in the evening when I run home from work. Recently, I have been getting more accustomed to running later at night. The change is a result of my previously mentioned efforts to stay closer to home as we await the arrival of our baby and being busy with preparations for the baby’s arrival.

i wouldn’t say I’m still a big fan of the late night runs. I enjoy the early morning runs because it means you have the whole day ahead of you. I also like running home from work in the evening because the isn’t a better way to clear your after a long day at work than going for a run.

Running later at night is different. You have to stay motivated and disciplined for a longer period of time in order to get that run in. The fact that it is dark and cold can also impact discipline and motivation.

On the plus side these late night runs don’t really impact my life. My daughter is bed and the day is winding down by the time I get around to going for my run. In addition, by leaving for my run around 9:30 I am not really affecting my regular sleeping habits.

As mentioned, I still prefer the early mornings and hour following work but for now the late night runs are what works best in my schedule.

Do you have a favourite time of day to run?

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