Staying Close to Home

As I mentioned on here before my wife and I are expecting a new baby. With the baby’s arrival fast approaching my running plans have been adjusted accordingly so that I can get home quickly if I get a call from home while I am running. My phone is always close by in case that call comes while I am running.

As per my usual routine I have continued to run home from work in the evening when possible. The adjustment I have made is that I am sticking to the same route home from work. It is a more direct route home and keeps me close to main roads if I need to call for a taxi in order to get home shortly.

For about a week now I have also adjusted my runs from home. Not wanting to stray to far from home in case anything happens while I am out I have adjusted my running patterns by trying to stick close to home. I have been trying to keep myself no more than 2-3 km away from home while running.

I have managed to find myself a 4-5 loop in our neighbourhood that allows me to accomplish that. I have been using this loop for most of my runs from home lately. It works out well because two loops of the route allows me to get in an 8-10 km run while staying close to home at all times.

Until the baby arrives I plan to continue this routine since it allows me to continue running regularly while allowing me to get home quickly from a run if needed.

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