Return of Cold Weather Running

After some nice weather for running in October this week has seen the return of cold weather here. With temperatures just above freezing. The cold actually caused me to change my running plans.

As long as it is not too cold I don’t mind running outside in colder weather. As long as I am dressed for it I don’t really notice the cold once i get going. Yesterday I planned my usual run home after work. However after a few hours at work I realized that the long sleeve shirt and shorts I brought with me weren’t going to be enough for the run home. As a result as postponed yesterday’s run.

I did not make the same mistake today as I made sure to pants running pants, a pullover to wear over my shirt and a pair of gloves. As a result, I was prepared for the conditions and did not miss my run.

Along with the cold this time of year brings another challenge. With us just having turned back the clocks over the weekend it is even darker earlier Now. When I left the office at 5:00 it felt like it was already 7:00. I find this to be a tougher challenge than running in the cold because if I am tired or having a long day it is tougher to stay motivated for a run after work when it is already dark out. It takes more discipline to stay motivated and to actually run.

Do you still run in colder weather?   Do the shorter days affect your plans?



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