Replacing Shoes

In March I bought this pair of Mizuno Wave Elixirs. They don’t have much life left in them but for now I can still run in them. My next run will put me over 900 km in them (560 miles). Once I get over 900 km in them I will set them aside and look for another pair.

Generally I always manage to get at least 700-800 km out of a pair of shoes before they start showing the signs that they need to be replaced – a lack of cushioning and more aches following a run.

This pair of shoes has lasted a little longer than my previous shoes. One thing I have done different this time around is that it is the first time I have been alternating shoes so that I am not running in the same pair of shoes on consecutive days.

Currently I have a newer pair of shoes I am alternating with these ones. I’m not sure whether alternating shoes helped or whether this is just a good model of shoe for me but I am pleased that they have last as long as they have for me.

How often do you replace shoes? Do you go by mileage or by feel? Do you rotate shoes?

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