The Long Run

Those of you who have run half-marathons or marathons understand the importance of a weekly long run. The long run is important in building the endurance necessary  to run a half-marathon or a marathon.

For me my long runs are usually scheduled for Sunday morning. When training for a marathon the long run usually involves running anywhere from 15-32 km. Going for a run  of 25 or more km involves being on the road for more than 2 hours. It is an essential but also time consuming part of training.

Currently, I am not running with a particular goal in mind. With a new baby on the way and with winter weather on the way I am just running when I can because I enjoy it. However, when I run without a plan like I am doing now I still find myself getting in a longer run on Sundays. This is likely out of habit since that is what I aim for when I am training for a race.

When I say long run when I am running without a plan I’m not talking about 25-30 km runs. At this point they are generally 12-15 km runs. The odd time when circumstances permit I may stretch that to 20 km. While I’m not logging as much mileage during my long runs as I do when I am training for a marathon I still find myself logging more mileage on Sundays.

Do you still include a longer run when you are running without a plan and not training for a race?

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