Plan for the Rest of the Year

With just over two months left in the year I really only have one goal left in terms of running, staying health. Since I won’t be running anymore races this year and since I won’t be able to match last year’s mileage what I am aiming for is to get back to a regular routine while avoiding injury.

Since returning to running late last week I have managed to get out for four runs. All of those runs were run at an easy pace. I plan to keep up with the easy pace for the rest of the week. Starting next week I will start to bring tempo runs and hills back into the mix. Speed intervals at the indoor track will follow in December.

That said, with a new addition set to join our family over the next couple of week my running schedule in November will  be irregular because I will be busier with more important matters. for now I can only hope that by the time our second child is old enough bring along it will enjoy riding in the Chariot as much as our 3 year-old does!

That’s how I plan to close out 2012. Once January rolls around I will aim to get back to a specific training program to get ready for a spring race.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?


4 thoughts on “Plan for the Rest of the Year”

  1. Wow! New additional? You’re gonna be busy!
    Our second one joined us in late August and september was a write-off in terms of running. Now that she’s two months old and starting to find a routine, getting out for running has been easier.

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    1. I expect November will be pretty much a write- off and that any runs I have time for will be a bonus.

      Glad to hear that getting out for a run is getting easier for you again.

  2. Enjoy the new addition to the family! Congrats. That’s much more important than running!

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    1. Thanks David. We are really excited. I am looking forward to the new arrival. I agree it is much more important than running!

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