Marathon Recovery

My legs seem to have recovered from Sunday’s marathon. In fact they recovered enough for me to go for an easy run after work tonight. Following my last 3-4 marathons I have actually been fortunate to recover quickly and get back to running less than a week after the race.

What are the keys to recovery? In my case I think three things have helped. The first being  consuming protein following the race. This time it was a Gatorade recovery drink and a protein bar soon after the race.

The second key to recovery for me was soaking my legs in a cold bath as soon as I got back to my hotel. I previously posted on the benefits of ice baths for recovery here.  I am still a believer in the benefits for recovery. I have used this approach after every marathon with the exception of my first which also happened to be my worst in terms of recovery.

The final key for my is to keep hydrated and not allow myself to get dehydrated following the race.

What do you do to help recover from a marathon?

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