Travelling for a Marathon

This Sunday I will run my seventh marathon over the past four years. Of those, this one will be my third away from home with Philadelphia and Prince Edward County being the previous two.

I find there are both advantages and disadvantages to running a marathon away from home. There are aspects to each that I enjoy come race day.

In terms of positives when running a marathon away from home you are running a new course. Here in Ottawa I regularly run portions of the marathon course so I am familiar with every aspect of the course and it is not new come race day. Away from home the entire course is new and provides a nice change of scenery, especially when you are some where you have never been before as was the case for me in Philadelphia last year.

In terms of negatives, running away from home can present challenges you don’t have to deal with at home. When you are running at home you don’t have to worry about rushing out at the last minute trying to find food for a pre-race breakfast, like I was when I went to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, and you get to sleep in your own bed the night before.

I guess what it comes down to is that I enjoy running my hometown marathon for the sake of familiarity and comforts of home and I enjoy running marathons away from home because it is a chance to explore a new city that I am not familiar with.

Do you have a preference over running races at home or away from home?

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