The Week Before the Marathon

The Toronto Waterfront Marathon is just six days away now. In terms of training, I will get in four runs that should give me approximately 40-45 km for the week, a pattern I have followed for my previous marathons.

The most important run of the week was likely yesterday’s long run. I ended up doing 20 km early yesterday morning, about 3-4 km more than I would normally do at that point of my training.

The long run was important because it was the first time I ran that distance since spraining my ankle four weeks ago. I was able to complete the run without any pain in my ankle, meaning I passed another key test as I continue to recover from my ankle injury.

Following yesterday’s run I managed to get in an easy 10 km effort today. The rest of the week calls for a tempo run Wednesday followed by an easy run on Thursday. Both of those runs will be 8-10 km efforts.

If I have time Saturday I will fit in a very easy 3 km run to loosen my legs. Other than that my focus this week will be making sure I stay hydrated, get enough rest and avoid injury.

How do you prepare during your last week of training before a marathon?

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  1. Good to see you back at it. Have a good week. Looking forward to your race recap.

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