Injury Update

The Toronto Waterfront Marathon is now less than three weeks away. Unfortunately I have yet been able to run since spraining my ankle two weeks ago. As a result, my status for the marathon is still unclear.

However, there is still reason for optimism. My recovery is progressing and I have been biking for the past week now including two efforts at the hotel gym while I was away for business and a one hour effort tonight.

If all goes well I should get the green light to resume running. That will really be the key in determining whether I run in Toronto on the 14th. At this point my goal is really just to get myself to the start line. If I can do that it will be a victory in itself regardless of my finishing time.

For now I will continue to keep up with the exercises for my ankle and with the biking to maintain my cardio. The best scenario would be that I receive the green light to resume light running later this week.

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