Week 12 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week 12 was supposed to be one of my last weeks of heavy mileage. It started off as planned with my final 32 km run on Monday. Unfortunately the week quickly went downhill from there as a result of a sprained ankle which has definitely ended my participation in next weekend’s Army Run.
My status for the Toronto Marathon is currently up in the air. I started physio on my ankle this morning and the best case scenario is that I will recover in time to run, albeit with a revised goal in mind. However, recovery for the type of ankle sprain I have generally takes 4-6 weeks.  With the marathon exactly one month from today it is possible that I might not be ready to run in Toronto.
 At this point I don’t know I will be given the green light to run again although it sounds like I will be able to start cycling next week which will be a welcome change because I am already starting to get restless after four days of complete inactivity and rest.
Up until now I have been lucky to avoid injury since I started running six years ago. My only previous injury was an it band issue that was quickly resolved after a few physio sessions four years ago. I have trained for six other marathons and managed to avoid injury.
For now I am trying to stay positive. I am disappointed to be missing the Army Run next weekend but for now at least there is still hope that I will recover in time for Toronto and that is enough to keep me in a positive frame of mind.
How did your training go this week?

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