Injury Update

I have not posted since Monday’s post about my injury because I was trying to keep my mind off of running since I did not know how it would impact my running. This morning I saw my doctor in order to find out how bad my ankle is.

It turns out that my ankle is sprained and there is likely a tear to one of the ligaments. Fortunately for me my doctor wants to be aggressive in treating it because I run. The next step is physio which starts tomorrow.

The immediate impact is that it means I am not longer pacing the Army Run half-marathon. While I am disappointed in the outcome because this is a local event I look forward to every year I knew it was a likely outcome when I wrote about my injury the other night.

It still remains to be seen how the injury will impact my plan to run the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Right now i am hopeful a few weeks of physio will have me in shape to still run albeit at a slower pace than I planned. Soon enough I will have a better idea if that will be possible.

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