32 KM Run and an Ankle Injury

Monday turned out to be a day of mixed emotions for me. The day started off on a positive note with me completing my final 32 (20 mile) run ahead of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Unfortunately it ended on a negative note with me picking up an ankle injury at soccer.

Anyone who has run a marathon before understands the importance of the 32 km in training. They also understand the feeling that comes with running your last one before a marathon, knowing you are almost there and do not have to run that distance again until race day.

With that you can understand how I felt when I finished my run this afternoon. I actually started the run early this morning but due to other commitments had to finish the second half of my run this afternoon. Due to that I took advantage and ran the second half at close to marathon pace for an extra morale booster which left me feeling positive about my preparations for the marathon.

Unfortunately that feeling is gone for now as a freak injury at soccer tonight left my ankle an ugly swollen mess. The good thing is that I can still walk on it and I don’t think my participation in the marathon is at risk. However with the Army Run only 13 days away it does put my pace bunny duties at risk.

For now I can only hope a couple of days of rest and icing will be enough and that I will be able to get back to running soon.

3 thoughts on “32 KM Run and an Ankle Injury”

  1. Holy moly. I’ve broken my ankle before and that looks as nasty as all get out! Have you gone to a doctor for x-rays? Take care and truly hope you recover quickly.

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    1. I saw my doctor this morning. The ankle is still swollen but it does look better than the other night. I am fortunate I did not break anything. I start physio in the morning. Hopefully that will help me recover quickly.

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