Nutrition for Runners: Homemade Pizza Sauce

You may have noticed that I recently lost approximately one month’s worth of posts when the servers that host my blog crashed.  I can’t recall if tonight’s recipe was posted during that period but even if I did previously post it this one is worth re-posting.

Tonight’s recipe is for a homemade pizza sauce we have come to quite enjoy in our housE.

Before getting started on the recipe for the sauce, I previously posted our favored recipe for whole wheat pizza dough. You can view that here.

In terms of the pizza sauce, you will need the following ingredients: tomato paste, parmesan cheese, garlic, anchovy paste, honey, onion powder, dried oregano, dried marjoram, dried basil, cayenne pepper and dried red pepper flakes. Follow the full recipe using the link above and you won’t be disappointed.

If you need a recommendation for toppings to go along with this recipe our latest creation was grilled eggplant,tomatoes from our garden, basil and boconccini cheese. Here is a picture of it cooking on the bbq,

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