Holiday Monday

Since today was a holiday I decided to take advantage and throw in a day of rest before my next 32 km run. Coming off a 100 km week I wanted to give my legs a bit of aa break before taking on my next long run.

After opting for a bike ride instead of a run yesterday I got up early for my long run today. I decided that I woulda complete the first 21 km of the run at my goal marathon pace which also happens to be the pace I have committed to running when I pace the Army Run in a few weeks.

As was the case with me previous two runs at this distance I headed out the door to get started while everyone was still sleeping. The plan was to swing back by the house a bit later and pick up my daughter so she could join me in her Chariot.

The first part of my run went according to plan. I managed to get in just over 15 km in 4:30 per km. at that point I returned home to find everyone still sleeping so I headed back out to continue my run. I ran another 6 km at the same pace to give me 21 km in 1:35 which was my goal when I started my run.

OnceI again I swung by the house. This time my daughter awake but she decided she did not want to join me this time. I headed back out the door for my final 10 km. While my pace at this point was a little slower than earlier I still managed to keep a good steady pace and finished my 32 km in 2:32, a full 20 minutes faster than last week.

The best part about today’s run? I now only have one more 32 km run left before the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

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