August Mileage

Without setting to do so at the start, this month. Is turning out to be one of by biggest months of training in terms of mileage. With one day left in the month I have completed 368 km so far this month.

Currently my biggest month of training was 414 km two years ago, also in August. That was also the last time I trained for an October marathon. This time around the mileage is the result of 32 km (20 mile) runs the past two Sundays and the fact that week I have increased my mileage and am headed toward a 100 km week.

In both of these cases I did not set out to beat any personal records I think it was just a combination of me being able to get in most of my planned runs for those months and the fact that they included my longest training runs.

In terms of my current training plans, I can only hope that the extra mileage benefits me on race day in October.

Do you head into each month with a goal for overall mileage or do you just worry about your next run?

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