This Week’s Mileage

This week is scheduled to be one of my heaviest weeks of training ahead of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. As a result, I am looking to complete 90-100 km this week. Yesterday I managed to get the week off to a good start with the second of my planned 32 km (20 mile) runs.

Of course this still leaves me with 58-68 km to between now and Saturday. Tonight was an off-night due to soccer and with a full time job and a young child at home It means I will have to be disciplined to fit in that mileage over the next five days.

Fitting in the mileage is going to require a few two run days in a row with short lunchtime runs supplementing my after work mileage. This will allow me to get in at least a couple of 15-16 km days midweek.

In terms of workouts I will be looking to get back to running intervals at the track this week and will likely return to the hill for the repeats. In between I will have to make sure to get in some easy mileage to allow for recovery.

How do you with in your heaviest weeks of mileage while training for a marathon?

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