Week 9 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Week nine of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. With one run left to go tomorrow my mileage for week nine currently sits at 76 km. With my final run tomorrow I look to get in 10-12 km to leave me with a total of 85-90 km for the week.

The week got off to a solid start with the first of my 32 km (20 mile) training runs ahead of the marathon. The arrival of 32 km training runs is an important stage in marathon training. On the one hand it means that you are in the midst of your most important mileage in training. I am aiming to complete four of these runs before the marathon. The good thing is that once I get these runs out of the way it will be time to start tapering my mileage in order to get ready for race day.

I followed up Sunday’s run with a couple of solid tempo runs and a series of hill repeats. The tempo runs we’re both 10 km efforts. In terms of hill repeats I managed to get in eight repeats over my lunch hour yesterday. That is probably the most repeats I will be able to fit in over a lunch our. However, given the pitch of the hill it will be a beneficial workout if I can continue to fit them in.

Week ten kicks off with the second of my 32 km runs Saturday morning.

How did your training go this week?

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