Week 8 of Training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

I’ve reached the halfway point of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. With one run left to go tomorrow my mileage for week eight currently sits at 60 km. With my final run tomorrow I will look to push that to just over 70 which should set me up nicely for my heaviest weeks of training are up next.

Week eight was another solid week of training that kicked off on Sunday with an 18 km run following the men’s Olympic marathon. While I didn’t get in as much mileage as originally planned, I did add 10 km worth of biking and a soccer game to my training in addition to the run.

In terms of my key runs this week, Tuesday and Thursday were the most important days of training this week. Tuesday was a tempo run with 10 km done in 42 minutes. It was just one of those days where my run felt good from the start and I was able to push a steady pace of 4:20-4:30/km.

Yesterday was definitely the toughest day of running. I did something I don’t normally do with two tough workouts in a row. Rain earlier in the week meant that yesterday was the only day I could fit in a hill workout with co-workers.

The first workout yesterday was a series of hill repeats at lunch. I did six repeats of the old ski hill by my office. Incidentally, for the last one we decided to change things up and go up the hill backward – a killer workout for the quads for those of you who have not tried it before.

To finish things off yesterday I did my usual track workout in the evening. Last night’s workout of choice was 800’s. I managed to get in 6 x 800. It was tempting to go for another one at the end but considering the hill repeats I did lunch I thought better of it.

As previously mentioned, I am now at the halfway point of my training. That means my heaviest weeks of training are coming up over the next few weeks. Of course with that comes my four planned 30-32 km training runs, the first of which is scheduled for this Sunday.

How did your training go this week?

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