Changing Plans Because of the Heat

The original plan for tonight was a more intense run with either speed intervals or a tempo run on the schedule. However, as I can sometimes happen due to the weather, I changed my plan just before tonight’s run.

After a short easy run at lunch today I was still ready for a more intense effort tonight. However, with the temperatur still pushing 30C when we went for a run at 7:00 it just was not worth pushing the pace with speed intervals or a tempo run.

In the end I ended up with two relatively easy paced runs today for a total of just under 20 km. I might not have run the quicker run I wanted to tonight but I did get in a good amount of mileage for a weekday.

With the temperatures looking like they could be close to record highs tomorrow and Saturday my next couple of efforts will also likely end up being relatively easy paced runs.   Sunday will also likely end up being a slower effort as I plan to get in my longer run of the week.

With my next planned race being a 10 mile effort next Wednesday night I can only hope it cools off a little between now and then so I can get in a solid result. Provided the weather cooperates the plan is to head out at marathon pace, 4:30/km, and aim to finish in 65-70 minutes.

How has the recent heat wave affected your running plans?

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