Pacing This Year’s Army Run

For the third year in a row I will be pacing the Army Run in September. For the second year in a row I will be pacing the half-marathon. The first year I paced I ran the 5 km race.

I enjoy getting the opportunity to pace for a couple of reasons. First, agreeing to pace a specific time presents a challenge in itself. Instead of pushing yourself to the limit you have to maintain a consistent pace that others are depending on.

The second reason I enjoy it is the sense of satisfaction I get out of hitting the finish line close to the time I agreed to run. Seeing others meet the goal they have been training for makes it all worthwhile.

This tear’s pacing opportunity will present me with a new challenge. Since I have agreed to be the 1:35 pace bunny in the half marathon I will not only be trying to help others meet their goal time I will be running a marathon pace half-marathon a few weeks before the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Not only will I be pacing others I will also be getting in a good training run that will help with my marathon preparations.

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