Getting Back on Track

Last week was a bit of a setback in terms of overall mileage. For week two of my training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon I ended off the week with a total of 42.5 km. However, considering how busy the week ended up being in a way it was a good week in that I managed to get in five runs.

In terms of my runs last week, Sunday’s longer effort was limited to 10.5 km while my other runs were around 8 km with one of those shorter runs being at a more intense pace with some hill work involved.

In January after my father passed away I wrote about using running as therapy to deal with what was going on at the time. I experienced this again last week as we held a service for my father in his hometown. Once things had settled down and others were resting I got changed and went for a run.

It turned out to be one of my best runs in a long time. I took off from our motel at marathon pace and worked out my run so I ended up with a big hill, about a 120 foot drop according to my Garmin, at the halfway point. The end result was a 7.5 at an average pace of 4:27/km. To top it all off, I got back to the motel just as a thunderstorm was about to start.

Now my plan for this week is to get back on track in terms of mileage. That means getting back up to a weekly total of 60-70 km. I got myself started on that goal yesterday with a 10.5 km run.

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