Running and Sleep

Last night I mentioned that tonight’s post would be about something I am hoping to change during this training cycle, getting more sleep at night. The idea for this post came from reading the latest issue of Canadian Running Magazine.

Unfortunately the latest issue of the magazine is not yet available online so I’ll quickly summarize what it has to say about running and sleep. Basically, the argument made is that we need to get eight hours of sleep every night because our bodies releases a growth hormone while we sleep. That growth hormone promotes recovery and allows muscle tissue to repair. For further information you can also check out this blog post.

The importance of sleep was evident before for obvious reasons but I never considered in terms of running and how it may or may not impact my running. Now I have a better understanding of the benefits it could have on my running.

To say that I intend to try and be better about getting to bed earlier and making sure I get enough sleep every night is something that is easier said than done but I am going to make an effort to try in order to see how it benefits my training. Part of that will involve making sure my posts are ready earlier in the day and getting myself away from the computer screen earlier at night.

With that I am going to start my effort to meet this goal by heading upstairs to read for a bit and hopefully fall asleep earlier than I did last night.

Do you feel you get enough sleep at night? How do you find it impacts your running?

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