Running in Hot Weather

With some parts of Canada and the united States experiencing a bit of a heat wave this week it is a good time to take a look tips for running in hot weather.

I had my first taste of the heat wave this evening with the weather hitting 30 C and 38 C with the humidex. As a result, my plan was to take it easy and stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hyrdrated was especially important given the fact that I did not have a water bottle with me to carry during my run.

How did I do? I managed to keep it to a fairly easy pace for myself, just under 5:00/km. I also threw in a couple walk breaks when I got going faster than I wanted to since there was no need to try and be a hero tonight. I wasn’t out to set a pb. I ended up getting in 9.9 km in 50 minutes tonight.

Speaking of water, if you are running with water pouring water over your head every now and then can help keep you cool. Part of my strategy to deal with the heat during last month’s Ottawa Marathon was to  pour water over my head at many of the water stations. It seemed to help as I was still cool at the end of the race.

Need more tips on running in hot weather? Check out these helpful articles from Canadian Running Magazine and Runner’s World.

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