Second Half of 2012

Now that the Ottawa Marathon is in the past and that I am starting to train for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October. As part of that training I am looking at doing another 2-3 shorter races to help me with my training.

Due to the summer heat July and August are not busy months for races around here but a quick check just now shows that I do have a few options close to home to choose from. I don’t even have to stick with road racing to do it either if I want to mix things up again as August brings the Camp Fortune trail race that I have competed in the past two years.

Like the first half of the year my plan will be to get in 2-3 shorter races to use as a judge of my fitness and to give me more time in a race setting ahead of the marathon in October. Right now my plan is to try and fit these races in during July an August.

You’ll notice above that I did not mention any races in September. The reason for that being that my plan is to pace the Army Run in September for the third consecutive year. I am not sure yet which pace I will be running at but this is an event I have come to look forward to since doing it for the first time a few years ago.

How do you plan out your race schedule for the year? Do you plan ahead of time? Do you look for shorter races to help you get ready for a longer goal race?

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