Running Without a Plan Again

Now that the Ottawa Marathon has passed and my next planned events are not until September and October I find myself running without a plan once again. As mentioned on Tuesday, I registered for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon which takes place in October meaning the end of June would leave me with 16 weeks to start a dedicated training cycle for that event.

Until then I don’t have a set plan. I think the main thing for the next few weeks until I start another 16 week training cycle will be just to get myself out running regularly. If I can manage to maintain an average of 60-70 km over those weeks I will be happy. That should be an easy target to hit with a longer run on Sundays and runs home from work four times a week.

I managed to get in my first run today since Sunday’s marathon. Well actually it ended up be two runs at an easy pace since I ran at lunch with co-workers and I ended up running home. The two runs combined left me with a total of 15 km today. Although I felt good I had a slight reminder that I ran a marathon on Sunday from my quads anytime I started to pick-up my pace.

I’ll take it easy for my next few runs still but by next week I should be able to start working in some harder workouts like marathon pace runs and hill workouts although for now I will probably just fit those in occasionally when I feel like pushing the pace instead of having them regularly scheduled.

How soon do you like to get back to regular training after a big race? 

2 thoughts on “Running Without a Plan Again”

  1. Wow! 15km already!! I ran 6km on the 30th, 6 km yesterday and today I’m going to try 10km. I think my body can handle it, but boy was the 30th hard! Yesterday’s run was great though so I think today will be fine. It’s weird running without a plan!

  2. I ran at a pretty easy pace. 6.5 km at lunch and 8.5 km after work.

    It is a good sign you were able to run on the 30th. I wasn’t ready to run and took an extra day to rest my legs.

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