Week 16 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week 16 of training is nearly complete and that can only mean one thing. Race day is here!

I won’t spend too much time reviewing this week’s runs because as you can imagine it was a pretty light week of training. To date I have completed just 39 km this week as I try to keep my legs fresh for Sunday.

The week started off with a 17.5 km run on Sunday. Other than an 8 km marathon pace run on Tuesday my other runs were just short and easy runs on Wednesday and Thursday.

I do plan to plan to get out tomorrow but that run is not really worth counting as I only plan to get in 3-4 km at a very leisurely pace. Since that distance represents the approximate distance of an out and back trip to the marathon finish line from my house my plan is to head over than and cover the last bit of the course.

As I get ready for Sunday I would say my mood is cautiously optimistic. I have had a great training cycle that included a lot of speed intervals early in my training cycle and three shorter races which fit in well with my training schedule and provided me with a good gauge of my fitness.

For these reasons and because the current forecast for Sunday morning is now looking much more favourable than it did earlier in the week I am confident in my ability to reach my goal. However, as anyone who has run a marathon before knows, the marathon is a distance that has to be respected otherwise you can set yourself up for a tough time.

Thanks for reading my weekly updates for the past 16 weeks as I trained for the Ottawa Marathon. I hope you’ll enjoy my race report when I get around to posting after the race on Sunday!

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