Last Week of Training

My 16th and final week of training for the Ottawa Marathon began with Sunday’s 17.5 km run. As you can imagine, I don’t have much training planned for this week. After tonight’s 7 km run I have three more short runs planned before Sunday’s marathon.

At this point with my key runs out of the way there isn’t anything else I can do that will improve my performance on Sunday. The importance of my runs between now and Sunday is to help keep my legs loose.

Following tonight’s 7 km run my plans are for an 8 km marathon pace run tomorrow and an easy 6-8 km run on Thursday. On Saturday I’ll head out for a very easy 3 km run. Since I live close to the finish line I plan to run over that and cover the last 2-3 km of the marathon course for my final run.

Other than that, my plans for this week are to stay hydrated, stretch when I can and get as   much rest as I can between now and Sunday. If I can stick to that plan I should be in good shape for race day. At some point I’ll also have  to go out and make sure I have the necessities for my pre-race breakfast – bagel, banana, peanut butter.

What do you do during your last week of training before a big race, do you have any superstitions?

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