1 Week Until the Ottawa Marathon

Today was officially my last long run before next Sunday’s Ottawa Marathon, although compared to the distances I ran the last several Sundays It wasn’t really a long run. Today’s plan called for 19-20 km.

The forecast was calling for a hot day all week and a late start this morning meant it was already well into the 20’s by the time I packed up my daughter in her Chariot and we left the house for the run.

Given the heat and the fact that the marathon is only one week away I decided to keep a very easy pace. Anytime I noticed my pace getting under 5:00/km I would slow down or stop to take a drink and make sure my training partner was fine.

In the end due to the heat I decided to head home earlier than planned. I ended up with a total of 17.5 km. I think was close enough to my intended mileage for the run and it just was not worth push any harder with race day so close.

Now I can only hope the conditions will not be quite as hot next week although if they are the one bonus is that the marathon starts at 7:00 meaning we should at least see cool conditions for the start.

As per my habit from the past few Sundays, I enjoyed a cold beer as part of my “recovery” from the run. Today’s selection was a Festivale from Beau’s Brewing Company, a father/son venture that has developed quite a following in these parts.

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