Week 15 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week 15 of my 16 week training program is nearly complete. Since this is my first week of tapering before race day it was a pretty low-key week compared to the my efforts from the previous few weeks.

This week’s training schedule called for 62 km (38 miles). With one run remaining to go tomorrow I have completed 48 km so far this week. A 12 km (8 miles) run tomorrow will get me up to 60 km for the week which I think is not a bad effort given that race day is just over a week away.

The week started off with the final of my planned runs of over 20 km when I completed 23 km while pushing my daughter in her Chariot Sunday morning. With the exception of a 10 km run at marathon pace on Wednesday my other runs this week were easy and relatively short efforts (9 and 6.5 km).

Today was my second planned rest day this week. However, since I was in need of a new pair of shorts I went shopping and picked up a pair of short along with a new singlet to wear with them. Now I am set for race day!

As mentioned already, my plan is to get in a 12 km run tomorrow. Week 16 will kick off with a 19-20 (13 miles) km effort on Sunday.

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