Long Run Turned into a History lesson

Today was my last scheduled 32 km (20 mile) run before the Ottawa Marathon which is in three weeks from today. My plan for this morning was to head out and get in some mileage before my daughter woke-up and then to loop back home and pick up her up when I received the call saying she was awake.

I managed to get in 7.5 km before it was time to pick-up my daughter and her Chariot. After the brief delay we were quickly underway again. for the rest of my run. Many of my long runs pushing the Chariot turn into unplanned adventures as I look for things to entertain my daughter.

Today’s run turned into a bit of a history lesson as we headed downtown and took a stroll around the Parliament buildings and ended up stopping to look at some of the statues of former Prime Ministers along the way.

The history lesson continued after we left Parliament Hill first with a stop to see the statue of Canadian jazz legend Oscar Peterson then to top it all off having a fly over us as part of a ceremony to remember the Battle of the Atlantic.

With that, the final of my four planned 32 km runs before the Ottawa Marathon was complete. As I did last week, I enjoyed a craft beer. Like last week, this one was also from the Muskoka Brewery. Today’s choice was their Cream Ale. This one is an English style ale with a bit of hoppiness but not too bitter. This is one I would definitely try again.


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