Hill Training Tuesday

One of the things that has changed in my preparation for this marathon is how I have included hill training. In the past my approach to hill training has been to have one run set aside each week for hill repeats for about 6-7 weeks over the first half of my training cycle.

This time the approach has been different. While I did get in a couple of hill repeat workouts early on, for the last several weeks my approach has evolved into going for a run through a hilly neighbourhood on Tuesday evenings.

The run involves doing a few laps through the neighbourhood to get in a handful of uphill runs. This is usually good for a 7.5-8 km run overall so it fits in nicely with my overall weekly mileage goals.

I am not sure how effective this will be in helping me reach my goal but it is certainly less monotonous than doing hill repeats on one hill. With a little over three weeks to go until race day I will likely get in two more of these runs before the Ottawa Marathon.

How do you incorporate hill training into your training?

2 thoughts on “Hill Training Tuesday”

  1. I live in an area where all my runs are on hills – I’m lucky to have a half mile stretch of where it’s flat. That always translates to great race days on flat courses.

    1. I’ve noticed most of your runs are hilly. It is the opposite here. If I want good hills I have use the same route.

      I can imagine running hills regularly is a definite advantage on race day.

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