New Shoes

One thing I like about running is getting to test new gear or products. With my current shoes approaching 600 km in usage I searched the internet over the past couple of weeks for a deal on something similar to the New Balance 890 I have been using.

I managed to take advantage of a closeout deal from Holabird Sports and pick up a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixir6. Incidentally, this was the second Holabird closeout deal I have take advantage of recently as I also picked up a new pair of Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s for races.

My new shoes came in yesterday but since I ended up coming down with a cold, likely a byproduct of not nearly enough sleep last weekend and a fast half-marathon on Sunday, I did not get to try them yesterday.

It also looked like I would not get out for a run today as I stayed home from work since I was not feeling well again this morning. However, after a day of napping and watching dvds I felt good enough late in the day to head out for a short easy run.

So far the verdict is that I am quite pleased with my purchase. They are as light as the New Balance 890 shoes I had been running in yet like the 890 they still offer some support.

I am also pleased I managed to find such good deals on shoes I was looking for. Taking advantage of the two closeout deals online allowed me to pick-up two pairs of shoes for roughly the price of what a new pair would cost me in a store.

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