Changes to my Training

Since I started training for this year’s Ottawa Marathon I made two changes to my training that I had not initially planned on when started training. The two changes have been increased speed work and hill training.

Obviously these are two important elements to marathon training as hills help strengthen your legs while speed work helps you go faster. I have always included hills and speed work in my training but the big change this time has been consistently getting in these workouts starting earlier in my training schedule.

Lately Tuesday nights have become my night for hills and Thursday nights have been my night for speed workouts. The biggest reason for this change has been finding other people to do these workouts with. It certainly makes it easier to be motivated for them and get through them. It also makes for a nice change from the solo runs.

I guess I’ll find out in 52 days how much of a difference for my training but for now at least it is also leaving me more confident as I get closer to race day.

What recent changes have you made to your training?

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