10 km MPW Run at the Track

Tonight was another new workout for me. If you’ve read this blog regularly you’ll know that I have been doing speed intervals at an indoor track on Thursday evenings over the winter. It has allowed me to do speed training earlier in my training cycle and to be honest running in shorts and short sleeves while it is below zero and there is snow on the ground is a nice change.

We headed back to the dome tonight after running outdoor last week due to colder weather last week and because a late night at work meant we could not get started early. In addition, since one of my partners for speed training is running the Boston Marathon in two weeks we decided to do a marathon pace run instead of the usual speed work. This fit in with my training schedule because I did an easy run yesterday and was looking for a more intense workout tonight.

For me a marathon pace run is a 4:30 per km run. We decided tonight’s run would be 10 km. On a 400m track that equals 25 laps. Obviously it is a different feel from an outdoor run where you can do a loop or a point to point course but I stuck with the plan and felt great after completing it.

I am not sure I would want to regularly do long runs on an indoor track but it certainly was a nice option for tonight given the circumstances.

Have you tried running longer runs on a track?

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