Week 7 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week seven of training for the Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. This week’s schedule called for 72 km (45 miles). Following last night’s run I have completed 59.5 km so far this week. With a planned 12 km run tomorrow I will hit my target for week seven.

It was another solid week of training that got started with a 25 km (16 mile) run early Sunday morning. I was also able to take advantage of some unusually warm weather to do most of this week’s runs in shorts and short sleeves much earlier in the year than usual.

Other than the long run my tougher workouts included some hill training Tuesday night and my first outdoor set of speed intervals last night with mile repeats being the workout of choice this time.

Week eight kicks off with a scheduled 28 km (18 mile) run Sunday. It is hard to believe I am already at the halfway point of my training for the Ottawa Marathon.  According to my training schedule I know only have 597 km (370 miles) left to go before race day in May!

How did your training go this week?

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