Early Spring

My first runs of the year in shorts and short sleeves might be my favourite runs of the year. There is just something different about them. It feels liberating after running in extra layers over the winter months.

Normally around here this happens in May or if we are lucky in late April. However, this year has been different. Record temperatures, about 25 C (77 F), the last two days have meant that I was able to run outside in shorts and short sleeves.

As someone who enjoys skiing having the season cut short by record heat is not necessarily a good thing because it meant I could only get out skiing a couple of times this year but I won’t complain about being able to run in shorts and short sleeves this early in the year.

One added bonus to this weather is that it will give me more of a chance to get used to running in warm weather before the Ottawa Marathon in May. Normally this is not the case as race weekend usually ends up being one of the first warm weekends of the year.

Has early spring weather had an impact on your running this year?

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