Race Report: St Patrick’s Day 10 km

Yesterday was the first of three races I have leading up to this year’s Ottawa Marathon. My goal in the races will be to see whether I feel I should start the marathon at a 3:10 or 3:15 pace. As part of that my plan is to try and run a half-marathon at a 1:30 pace next month.

Yesterday’s plan was to simply run at a 1:30 half pace which works out to 4:15 per km and 42:40 for a 10 km. I managed to line up near the front and got off to a fast start but quickly dropped back to my intended 4:15 pace. I managed top stick around that pace for most of the race until I picked up the pace for a final sprint over the last 200-300 m.

The result was a final time of 43:27. More importantly, I felt good running at that pace and felt like I could have kept going past 10 km at that pace and definitely could have run a quicker 10 km had that been the goal.

Next up is the half-marathon in just under a month from now. That will provide me with a good test of whether I should aim for 3:10 or 3:15 in the marathon.

How was you weekend? Did you run any races?

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