Week 6 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Week six is nearly complete. All that remains is a 10 km race tomorrow, you can read about that here. Tomorrow’s race will leave me with just over 70 km for the week which close to what I expected based on my training schedule.

The week started off with a 24 km run (15 mile) on Sunday. It was my first run longer than a half-marathon distance in a while. It also turned out to be my first run outside in shorts of the year so it was a good way to start the week on two accounts.

In terms of higher tempo workouts, I managed to get in a good tempo run Tuesday with 9 km in 40 minutes and last night I went for my weekly speed intervals at the dome. This week’s workout ended up being 6 x 1200. Based on those two workouts along it was a good week and it could get even better depending on the result of tomorrow’s 10 km race.

Week 7 kicks off with a 25 km (16 mile) run Sunday morning. I just took a look at the mileage on my training schedule and I still have 669 km (416 miles) before the Ottawa Marathon on May 27. The heavy mileage weeks are just getting started!

How did your training go this week?

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