The Science of Running: Splitting Long Runs

Tonight’s post explores the idea of splitting a long run into two shorter runs. It is not something I regularly do but as we all know sometimes things come up and it can be difficult to fit in your long run.

Take today for example. I was scheduled to run 24 km (15 miles). I planned to get in my run first thing this morning. However, a combination of getting to bed later than expected and moving the clocks ahead an hour put an end to that idea. As a result, I contemplated doing half the distance later in the morning and the other half this evening.

Fortunately it worked out that I was able to do the entire distance this afternoon but who knows I may have to consider this idea again as I train for the Ottawa Marathon. In searching for more background on the idea I came across some opinions both for and against the idea. Here is an article explaining how the idea can work.

As for myself, I found myself having to do this on two occasions as I trained for the Philadelphia Marathon last fall. Since it only happened on a couple of occasions I can’t say that it had a positive or negative impact on my training. It was just the only way I could fit in the mileage of my long runs on those occasions.

As I continue to train for the Ottawa Marathon I will continue to try and fit in my long run mileage into a single run if that is not possible for whatever reason I will try splitting the mileage again if that is the only way to fit it in.

Have you ever tried splitting your long runs? If so do you find it helped?

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