Week 4 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

With five of my six runs this week complete week four of my training for the 2012 Ottawa Marathon is nearly complete. My final run will be a 10-12 km run tomorrow morning.

This week’s schedule called for a total of 67 km (41 miles). With this morning’s easy 6 km run my weekly mileage sits at 51 km meaning a 10-12 km run will leave with a total of 61-63 km for the week.

Week four was another strong week of training for the marathon. It started off with my first 21 km (13 mile) run in a while Sunday morning. The best part of the week came last night with a series of 10 Yasso 800’s at the dome with an average time of 3:07. Of course I don’t think this means I can go out and run a 3:07 marathon tomorrow but it is a nice confidence booster for now.

Week five kicks off with a planned 16 km (10 mile) run Sunday morning. With week four out of the way only 13 more of these recaps to go until race day!

How did your training go this week?


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