Pacing Speed Intervals

Tonight I was planning to debut the second of my new features but I did not have time today to put something together for my science of running feature so I will save that for Sunday. Tonight’s post will just be a quick post about speed intervals at the dome.

Tonight was the third night of my new routine of running speed intervals at the track on Thursday nights. I’ve noticed it overall and not just the past three weeks at the dome but I seem to have developed a habit when it comes to pacing my intervals.

I am not sure why it works out this way but when I do intervals the fastest ones are at the start and end. The midpoint generally seems to be the toughest part of the workout. I would have expected to see a dip in my times over the last intervals but so far that does not be the case.

Do you notice a similar pattern when running speed intervals?

One thought on “Pacing Speed Intervals”

  1. Definitely. If I am doing interval repeats, I’m always fastest on my first and my last. The same thing happens in (short) races…in a 5K, my first and third miles are always faster than my second.

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