Week 2 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

Since I decided to make tomorrow my rest day week two of my 16 week training for the Ottawa Marathon is complete.

This week was another good week of training with all of my runs going according to plan. My plan called for a total of 57 km (36 miles). I managed to pass that total by 4 km for a total of 61 km (38 miles).

This week also saw me running in a variety of conditions. From a long run in the cold to start the week on Sunday morning to my weeknight runs home from work in temperatures just above or just below freezing to last night’s speed intervals under the dome.

Based on some feedback after last week’s speed intervals at the dome I have been consciously trying to keep my stride shorter and to remember to keep my shoulders relaxed. The changes felt awkward when I first tried them but they are starting to feel more natural now. Whether any of this makes any difference with regards to my race times remains to be seen but for now I will continue to work on this.

Now that week two is out of the way there are only 14 more of these updates before race day on May 27. Week three kicks off with a 19 km (12 mile) long run Sunday.

How did your training go this week?


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