Cold Sunday Morning Run

This morning I planned to do my long run for the week. On the schedule for today was a 16 km, or 10 mile, run. As luck would have it, today also ended up being the coldest day we have had over the last week.

As I headed out the door it was -23 C with the windchill, or -9.4 F. Given that I was dressed warm it wasn’t as bad as it sounds once I got underway. The decision to grab a neck tube just before I headed out the door turned out to be a wise one, more on that later.

I headed out the door without really thinking of where I was headed to get in my 16 km. I made up today’s route on the go. One benefit to starting most of my runs from home is that I know how far in kilometers from my house many parts of the city are. As a result, I can head out and figure out a route on the go and make adjustments based on much mileage I have left to go in my run.

This morning’s run went well. I managed to pick out a route that was not too icy which was not easy given the thawing and freezing pattern we have had in the weather lately. I managed to complete my 16 km in 1:23.

Back to my story about the neck tube, I think this picture of me at the end of my run shows why it turned out to be a good idea…

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