Ottawa Marathon 2012

As I have mentioned on here before, I have already registered for the 2012 Ottawa Marathon. It will be my sixth marathon over the last three years and my fourth Ottawa Marathon in a row.

My 16 week training program for the marathon will start tomorrow and as I mentioned the other day I will now be taking the next 16 Fridays to post a recap of the week that went by and to count down to race day. Since the first of those posts will be this upcoming Friday I thought I would use tonight to give a bit of a preview of how I plan to get ready.

As I have done with my past two marathons I’ll be using Bart Yasso’s training plan, although with some modifications along the way. The primary modifications I am planning to make to my training are speed work earlier in my training and more hill repeats. I am also hoping to get in more cross training this time around.

While I have not yet started on hill repeats, I have already started on my plan to get in some speed work earlier in my training. I have already been to the indoor track twice now, once for mile repeats and once for 800’s, and now have a pass to make sure I will be going regularly.

The rest of my training will stay the same with my runs coming either in the morning before I go to work or in the evening on the way home from work. I find that those times fit best into my schedule and I had success with that in my previous marathons.

As for the Ottawa Marathon itself, while the course has not yet been finalized it sounds like there will be some changes to the first half. I’ll be keeping a close eye on that so I can get in a few long runs around the course to get myself used to the new parts of the course.

There’s my first of many posts about the 2012 Ottawa Marathon. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest over the next 16 weeks.

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