Running as Therapy

I have not posted in five days now which is probably the longest I have gone without updating this site since I started it. Unfortunately I received some unexpected news last week and everything else has been on hold since. This is a post I never expected to write.

I have been able to get back to running the past two days. However, these runs were much different than my usual runs. The reason I have been offline lately is that I received news Wednesday that my father had suffered a stroke. Unfortunately he did not recover. As a result, I am hoping the runs I get in for the next little while will serve to provide me with a distraction that will help get me through the grieving period.

I’ve written before about how running helps me get over long and stressfull days at work and makes me feel better in general. Now I am learning that running can help deal with the loss of a loved one.

I can say that my runs the last two nights helped provide me with a healthy distraction from everything else that has been going on and they certainly helped me get some much needed sleep at night after a couple of really long days spent at the hospital.

Finally, while I’ll miss being able to tell him about my latest race plans I do know that my father was very proud of what I accomplished since I took up running. Sure he was surprised when I first told him I had started running regularly, some days it still surprises me, but he was always excited to hear about my latest race plans and the mileage I was running. That thought will also help me keep going.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. My grandfather passed away in March and that week I found running to be such a great way to sort out my own thoughts, as well as handling the stress that comes with friends and family around.

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